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SAMMA Fitness classes offer you a varied, effective and enjoyable workout. Wether you're trying to lose weight, improve on a certain aspect of your fitness or just looking to get a bit more active then you'll find our classes ideal.

Each class is structured so you can go at your own pace. You'll be encouraged and definately not screamed at! The group environment is supportive and motivates people. It's also very friendly with no egos. You'll be coached throughout and the instructor will workout along side you.

If you're bored with gym, tired of treadmills and complicated machines or just don't like gym environments then our classes are for you.

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A Varied Workout


One of the main reasons why people quit going to the gym is boredom. They get bored doing the same thing on the same machine. If the workout is boring then you'll quit. SAMMA workouts are never boring!


You won't see any complicated machines, treadmills or gimmicks. Instead you'll find a lot of different things aimed at improving your functional fitness. Our life usually demands that we run, jump, push, pull, lift, squat, twist, turn, press, hold, stretch, bend and even crawl.

Our definition of fitness is "the ability to go through life and any given emergencey without undue stress". This is what we aim to improve in our fitness classes. You'll develop an all round fitness, lose weight and work your body as a whole unit.


You'll be taught how to exercise with:



Swiss Balls (also called fitness balls)

Gymnastic Rings


Resistance Bands

Suspension Training Equipment

Rip 60 Training

Wall Balls

Battle Ropes

Medicine and Weighted Slam Balls

Balance Aids

Olympic Barbells

Skipping Ropes

Agility Ladders and Cones


We also include different body weight, cardio, strength, flexibility and balance exercises in our classes. 


An Effective Workout


A lot of the work we do involves full body movements. This means harder work and more engery required and used in the sessions. Over the past year (using fitness monitors) people have burned anywhere from 550 to 1250 calories during our one hour sessions. They have lost weight, changed their shape, built muscle, become leaner and more flexibile, have way more energy and generally feel better and more confident.


An Enjoyable Workout


Even if the workout is varied and effective, if the environment isn't right for you then you'll stop training. We work hard at building and maintaining the training atmosphere. We have couples that train, people bring friends along, family members train together. If you're new you'll soon make friends.


Fitness Classes are currently on Monday and Thursday at 8 p.m.

If you would like a private personal training session see our Private Tuition page or contact us at: